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We accept reservations of a 2 nights minimum, payment in full when booking. For overnight stays, please contact us directly by email at


The number of people in our cabins must be the same number of people registered when booking. If additional people join the reservation without being mentioned on the reservation, an additional charge of 200$ per person will be charged directly to your credit card.

You will be in a calm and peaceful mature forest, please respect this environment and keep it in this state.

The shelter is no-smoking, if you smell tobacco inside it may incur additional charges on your credit card. Out of respect for the environment and our beautiful surrounding nature, please pick up your butts!

It is forbidden to cut trees or branches on the ground.




Arrivals are from 4 p.m. or after. 




Departures are at 11 a.m. Any delay will incur a charge of 100$ per additional hour. In order to offer the best service to our customers, we ask you to respect our departure times to ensure the cleaning of the refuge.


Before leaving your refuge, please make sure that:

⇾ Recyclable waste is placed in the green bin

⇾ Organic waste is in the brown bin

⇾ Waste is in the black bin

⇾ Close the windows and doors of the shelter

⇾ Close the fireplace door (wood stove)

⇾ Place the bathroom laundry on the bathroom floor

⇾ The dishes are tidy and clean


A charge of 200$ will be applied to the credit card associated with the reservation for any additional cleaning needs (major cleaning due to non-compliance with regulations).



You will find in our refuge all the necessary supplies for a pleasant stay:

⇾ Refrigerator, equipped kitchen, microwave (only in the Grand Pares Cabin), kitchen utensils, BBQ.

⇾ Shower towels, bathroom rugs.

⇾ Toilet paper, hand towel.

⇾ Dishwashing products

⇾ Sheets and pillows

⇾ Kitchen necessities (oil, salt, pepper)

⇾ Logs can be purchased directly from our website when booking. Only wood from our refuge can be used.



Animals are tolerated. However, charges will be applied to your credit card in case of damage.

Dogs must be on leash all times on the property so as not to frighten wild animals. Out of respect for the environment and to preserve our beautiful nature, please pick up their needs.


Non smokers


Our refuge is non-smoking. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in a fine of up to 750$ under the “Tobacco Control Act” (L-6.2.). Our inspection team will check the condition of the refuge after your departure. Any damage caused by smoking inside the property will be charged to the tenant.




It is advisable to access the refuge with a vehicle equipped with winter tires.

You will find parking spaces a few meters from the shelter. Your vehicle must be parked in these parking spaces.

An electric car charging station will also be available near the Grand Pares cabin.




To ensure the proper functioning of our septic system, please respect the following rules:

⇾ Dispose of sanitary items in a trash can (towels, tampons, condoms)

⇾ Do not throw in the toilet, shower or sink any solid object (stones, sand, etc.)

⇾ Do not throw paper towels in the toilet

⇾ Do not throw food down the toilet or sink




Use of the SPA bath is at your own risk. Ô Lac des Îles cannot be held responsible for injuries caused by the use of the SPA.

Please respect the rules for using the spa:


⇾ Take a shower before using the spa.

⇾ Do not enter the spa if you have massage oil or sunscreen on your body.

⇾ Do not enter the chalet wet.

⇾ Do not use indoor furniture or bean bags outside.

⇾ No food or drink in the spa.

⇾ For the respect of all our customers, refrain from spilling any biological liquid in the spa (urine, saliva, blood, semen, etc.).

⇾ The maximum water temperature should not exceed 104 ° F (40 ° C).

⇾ Close the jets after use.

⇾ Do not sit or lie on the spa cover.

⇾ Replace the cover after having used the SPA.

Furniture and appliances


Please do not move furniture or appliances. You will be held responsible for damage caused by their movement.


Limited liability


Ô lac des Îles is not responsible for personal effects that are stolen, lost or left unattended in the refuge.


Insects, rodents or other wild animals


Our shelter is located in the middle of a forest of more than 150 acres inhabited by many animals.

Despite all our efforts to make your stay magical, it is sometimes possible to meet small animals or insects in your refuge. We cannot be held responsible if you see insects or rodents in your shelter during your stay. To limit the chances of intrusion, be sure to keep doors and / or windows closed at all times.


Damage and insurance


You are personally responsible for anything that may be damaged during your stay in our refuge.

Contact us as soon as possible to report a breakage. You are also responsible for your personal belongings.

In the event of an injury, you should always contact your own insurance company. Ô lac des Iles can in no way be held responsible.

We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any damage or thorough cleaning due to your stay with us.

If you notice any problems when you arrive, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid damages being billed to your account.

All appliances, utensils and dishes are provided. All missing items will be billed to the customer.




Ô Lac des îles offers activities and provides equipment.

When using it, you will be solely responsible in the event of an accident. We cannot be held responsible in the event of drowning or injuries caused by our equipment.

You will also be responsible in the event of theft, breakage or loss of the equipment provided.


Obligations of Ô lac Des Iles


In the event of unforeseen events or natural disasters, Ô lac des Iles will do everything in its power to find equivalent accommodation within a radius of 15 km. If this is not possible, we will help you find a similar rental property in the area. Ô lac des Îles will not be held responsible nor will it have to assume any obligations whatsoever following events of this nature. Ô lac des Îles will not be held responsible for any event causing death, injury, loss of personal items, or for any damage affecting the personal property of the tenant and his guests. In the event of an unforeseen situation (power failure, Internet interruption, lack of water, septic problem), no refund will be granted. Please note that our refuge is not equipped with generators. In addition, the maintenance of spas requires a regular water change. Ô lac des Iles ensures that the water quality is adequate, but the temperature may not be ideal when you arrive. Thanks for your understanding! Your verbal or written authorization at the time of booking (online or by phone) as well as payment for the booking and / or taking possession of the property is proof of your acceptance of our policies and your intention to use the property as a rental while respecting the rules.



Cancellation 30 days in advance, fixed fee of 25$ , we hope to see you again!
Cancellation less than 30 days in advance, no refund.



In the event of a closure on our part, respecting government instructions, or in the event that it is impossible for you to present yourself for your stay in connection with COVID-19 (presence of symptoms, positive test or closure of your region), we offer to convert the amounts committed into credit for a future stay in our refuge.

We are committed to finding the best possible arrangement with you based on your booking.

Please note that you must comply with the measures imposed by the government. You should not come if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste) or if you have been in contact with an infected person within the past 14 days. .

We will offer you a credit to postpone your stay

In the event of non-compliance with the measures put in place, employees will be authorized to intervene. Detailed procedures have been planned in the event a client exhibits symptoms or is tested positive for COVID-19. In case of questions, you can contact the staff of the company.


Thank you for your understanding and have a good stay at Ô Lac des Îles.

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